Sunday, 27 February 2011

Kunsthaus Tacheles

In the old Jewish quarter of Berlin stands the ex-Nazi prison, now known as The Kunsthaus Tacheles (Yiddish for 'Straight Talking'). The building was close to demolition in the early 90s, but artists from the area convinced those in charge that it was an historic landmark that should be saved. Since then it has housed hundreds of artists and performers, and become a creative space for art to thrive. We scouted it out on Friday morning, and sadly arrived before all the five floors were open. We got to have a walk round inside though, and amongst the graffitied walls and broken windows, lay little studios with artwork spilling out into the corridors. There was an exciting atmosphere surrounding the building, it had a real buzz to it. The lease to the building ran out in 2008, so the future of Tacheles is yet unknown, it would be such a shame for it to go.
The Guardian have a good tour video here.

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