Saturday, 26 February 2011

Back to Blighty

Back from my Berlin adventure, with plenty of stories, memories and photos. I had a wonderful time exploring the city and seeing so much history. Even the sub zero temperatures (highs of -1) did not deter our chilled bodies from having fun. We did too much to tell you about in one post, so over the week i'll post in more detail. For now, i'll leave you with my top 3, while i try and return the feeling of warmth to my extremities.

1. Museum Fur Fotografie
On a recommendation from a tutor, we decided to visit on Thursday afternoon. There was an exhibition on of the life and work of Helmut Newton, and the whole of upstairs was taken up by photographs taken by his wife, who works under the name of Alice Springs. Her work stood out to me, it made me want to leave the exhibition half way through and go outside to take pictures. It was the most inspiring thing that happened on the trip. On the off chance you're in Berlin, GO.

2. R.S.V.P and STOKX
Two shops. One for stationery, one for books. We spent about an hour (or possibly more) in each, over numerous visits. Both were like Aladdin's cave, filled with handmade treasures waiting to be bought. Those who appreciate these kind of places will understand that no more needs to be said, you just have to go. I bought a beautiful card and envelope from R.S.V.P with the intention of posting it home, but i couldn't bring myself to write in it just yet. Will post a picture soon.

3. Walking Tour of the City

On Tuesday morning, layered up and raring to go, the group went on a three hour walking tour of the city in -8 degrees. It was a bit of a shock to the system, and took a while to get used to that kind of dry cold, but the sun was out and there wasn't a cloud in the sky. Our tour guide did brilliantly at keeping us all interested despite the cold, and showed us some fantastic sights around the city, whilst telling us about the history of the area too. It was very eerie to walk over Hitler's bunker, and the Holocaust memorial site was breathtaking. If you go to the city, i think a walking tour is far better introduction that a tour bus ride, although maybe go when it's a tad warmer.

Wonderful holiday

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  1. Just looked at the RSVP site and am jealous that you went there.