Sunday, 20 February 2011


i wouldn't mind packing if my suitcase and contents looked like this...

As much as i'm looking forward to going away tomorrow, i can't feel excited until i've got passed the packing. I hate packing, the only thing worse is unpacking when you come home. I've been so busy this week thinking about various Topman feedback sessions, and Ian Anderson hand-in dates, Berlin has sort of crept up on me. It's going to be very very cold (highs of minus numbers), and i feel the cold. There might have to be a cheeky hot-water-bottle-down-the-top manoeuvre, or else my extremities will drop off. I'm really looking forward to being a bit of a history geek, and going round all the museums and seeing the sights. Get ready for absolute tourist-mode.

p.s Is it wrong to want to lay everything out that i'm packing, in a neat, folded, organised way and photograph it before i actually pack it? I might do that...

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