Friday, 11 February 2011

Adventures in Moving Image

Last night, a few of the troopers on the course headed out to an evening lecture given by Shane Walter from One Dot Zero, held at the Manchester Conference Centre. I wasn't hugely familiar with their work, but ever interested, i went along. It was a really inspiring lecture, Shane seemed easy going, and spoke really well. It was amazing seeing the range of work the company has under its belt, and it wasn't surprising that he had trouble describing One Dot Zero in a nutshell. At the end of the talk, Shane gave us a list of things that he had learnt over the years in the business, which i thought was a nice touch. Some of the advice served as little reminders for me, such as 'Travel' and i especially liked 'Make friends, not contacts'. Here's a video of some of their work at the V&A museum, but you should really visit their website to get a better idea of what they do.

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