Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Dippy Eggs & Reflection

Today is the first day i've had off uni in a while, where there is no pressing work to be done. It's lovely. I've spent the morning in my (Man Candy's) dressing gown, writing up notes for my journal, with a black coffee at hand. I think it's good to reflect every now and then, it puts things that previously seemed horrifically important in perspective. To accompany this steady paced Wednesday morning, the Man Candy is making Dippy Eggs with Soldiers.
Everyone has their own prefered method of making dippy eggs, what's yours? Mine is from a Jamie Oliver recipe, which starts with the egg in cold water and is gently heated up on the hob over ten minutes, with the last 2.5 minutes at a rolling boil. On the hob at home, it works every time.  

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