Friday, 30 July 2010

Beautiful Type

by Jessica Hische

wish i had the patience...

Thursday, 29 July 2010

'Everyday People'

I'm both looking forward to and feeling a tad bitter about this exhibition at the Lowry in Salford. About a year and a half ago i signed up to Tunick's website, saying i'd like to be involved in any of his instalations that were taking place near where i live. About a year ago i'd had a particularly busy weekend  and hadn't checked my email for 2 days. When i did check it i found an email from Tunick himself explaining that he'd emailed me and about 10 other people who lived in my area in the hope that one might reply. He was in Manchester for one day only and wanted to photograph a portrait of someone while he was here. If i'd just read my emails one day earlier i could have taken part, i was absolutely gutted. I am looking forward to this exhibition but can't help thinking that i could have had the chance to be in it.
Taken in Mexico City, breaking his own record, using 18,000 naked people.

Monday, 26 July 2010

Summer Project

A is not for apple and Z is not for zebra

Create a concept using the alphabet that describes your summer experiences. Visualise this in the most stimulating, stunning and compelling way using language, image and colour. You will need to come up with a strong idea that can contextualise your theme and entertain your audience.

Time to get thinking...

Sunday, 25 July 2010


I caught the train over to Sheffield on Friday for the annual Tramlines Festival. It's a weekend of music, with bands playing in bars, clubs and on the streets all over the city, and most importantly, it's free. Sadly i could only stay for the Friday night as i had work on Saturday, but i still got to see Simian Mobile Disco DJ at a venue called DQ. I went to Tramlines last year and got to stay the whole weekend and saw loads of acts, most memorably 80s Matchbox B-line Disaster. It's so much fun to have a whole city so focused on music, everywhere you walk there's something different on. The Manchester Jazz Festival is now on (from 23rd-31st) so i think i will be heading into town quite a lot this coming week for a spot of shopping accompanied by some good music.

Thursday, 22 July 2010

Wardrobe Overhaul

"The time has come," the Walrus said,
"To talk of many things:
Of shoes-Of shirts-and lace trimmed things
And wooly jumpers-and tapered trousers-and tailored jackets
And..Ah it must be time for the pre-autumn/winter season wardrobe overhaul. It's an exciting and daunting prospect, and yet it must be done. This months Vogue arrived on our kitchen table and got me far too excited about clothes i can't afford. I've got quite a bit of work lined up over the next few weeks and so i will be letting myself purchase one or two nice things, on the condition that i have gotten rid of a whole lot more. It's been so long since i've done a full scale culling session (have i ever really done one?) that i'm going to have to start right at the basics, knickers, socks, tights, and work my way through.

No Mercy

Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Top 5: Novi Sad, Serbia

The very best bits of EXIT Festival
The very little 'forest' in the campsite was one of the most necessary bits of the holiday, as it provided the best (only) shade during the day. Unused to the Serbian climate, this is where we spent most of the daylight hours.
The chill out zone inside the fortress. It was a designers dream, it looked so much fun to think up. It had a beautiful view of the Danube and the city at night, and was a perfect place to regain some energy in between the music.
The Dance Arena, where we spent most of the festival. Saw acts such as Crystal Castles, Busy P, Sebastian, Chromeo & Crookers. Largely good.
Watching the world cup final between Holland and Spain. We were supporting the Dutch as we had Dutch neighbours camping next to us.
One of the best bits was all the people we met, even the ones we only spoke to for a few minutes. People let their guards down at events like this and I surprised myself with how easily i got on with complete strangers.

Would definitely go again.

Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Muse Of The Day

Alice Glass of Crystal Castles

The electricity this woman has on stage is terrifying, I am absolutely in awe of her. I've seen the band play twice, both times at festivals, and each time they have been the highlight without a close second. She screams, climbs up speakers on stage and hurls herself into swarms of fans, and i really don't know why i'm so captivated by this tiny-limbed person, but you just can't take your eyes off her. You're half expecting her to get crushed or collapse before the end of their set, and yet she always seems to avoid it. She gives the impression of having no fear whatsoever and that is why i can't stop watching.
you get the idea...

Sunday, 18 July 2010

Top 5: Budapest

The best things that happened in the beautiful city of Budapest.
St Stephen's Basilica. It was so extravagantly decorated inside, it reminded me a bit of a smaller St Peter's in Rome. I think i will always enjoy wandering round enormous cathedrals, churches and such like.
The attention to detail. Even the street lights down the small streets were beautiful. This photo reminds me of the crows in Dumbo.
The staircase leading up to our hostel, and the hostel itself. It was a large old building really near parliament, with cold echoing walls. The hostel itself had a really friendly atmosphere, and comfy beds (which were far more appreciated on the way back from camping for 7 days).
I loved the old fashioned looking trams that scooted up and down the river bank. Sadly we didn't have time to go on one, but every time one trundled past they made me smile.
The beautiful buildings and view of the city. I think Parliament (the large building on the right bank of the river) is such an impressive building, it looked like a fairytale castle from certain angles.

I would most definitely jump at the chance to go back to Budapest to see some more of it, possibly in the spring when it's a little cooler outside.

Top 5: Pembrokeshire

The best bits of Pembrokeshire
Running along the very beautiful, sandy beach in wellies (because it wasn't quite warm enough to go in the sea).
The tumble down barn next to our cottage.
The scary rocky coastline, and the walks we did around it.
The food we ate was wonderful. I didn't get a photo (too busy eating it), but i had the best steak i've ever eaten in a restaurant called Cwtch. It was so rich and melted when you bit into it.
I loved being very much 'away from it all'. No internet connection, no real contact with people from home. It was nice, and much needed.

Back to Blog

It's been about 2 weeks since i've sat down and blogged as usual, it feels like much longer. The number of times i've wished at the end of the day i've had a laptop with the whiff of on internet connection to write about the exciting things that have happened. Since there's been too much going on to catch up properly, i'm going to post the top five photos from each place i've been so you get an idea of the best bits. I'm in great danger of getting the post-holiday blues, so will be tirelessly trying to get excited about things at home...that or booking a last minute escape route to somewhere like Berlin (next on my list).

Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Next Stop: Novi Sad, Serbia

We have done a whistle-stop tour of Budapest, and now it's time to move on further into the depths of eastern Europe. I've absolutely loved everything about Budapest, it's a fantastic city and i'm quite sorry to be leaving so soon. My favourite bits included sailing up and down the Danube river at night, eating traditional Hungarian food and drinking champagne and seeing the city all lit up. I also loved spending yesterday evening in a thermal spa, floating in a hot outside pool during a thunderstorm and watching the forked lightning, it was peculiar! We've eaten really well, and fitted as much in as was possible in the few days we've had here, but i'd really love to come back and spend a week exploring the city more.

We now have to head off to Nyugati station to catch a train to the airport, where we'll hop on a coach and drive for 6 hours to Novi Sad. It's exciting to be going somewhere new, but the prospect of putting up a tent and finding any form of shaded area is looming overhead somewhat. I doubt i'll find any form of internet connection (..or electricity maybe?) whilst i'm in Serbia so there may have to be a mega catch up when i'm back.
Bye for now.

Sunday, 4 July 2010

Good Morning Budapest!

We arrived in Budapest last night with no difficulty whatsoever and only a minor flight delay. The hostel has a really good atmosphere about it, it's bright and airy, and there are a few european travellers milling around who are all pretty friendly. By the time we'd unpacked and sorted ourselves out it was getting on pretty late, and we thought we might have a bit of trouble finding somewhere that would still be serving food. After a 15 minute stroll round, we came across a side street still very much awake. We seated ourselves outside at a restaurant called Boheme that had a string band serenading us under a fairy-lit canapy. The food was lovely, although we all felt full half way through our portions. The thing i'm finding most difficult to get my head round is the currency. A very rough exchange rate is 1GBP equals about 300HUF, so you feel like you're handing over huge amounts of money whenever you pay for something.

This morning i woke up early, when one of the other travellers staying in our dorm woke up and was getting ready. The hostel has no locks on the dorm doors, and because it's warm, it's better to sleep with the door open a bit so there's a breeze. I wandered into the common room area and read my book and had a cup of coffee while i waited for the others to surface. Today i think we're going for a bit of an explore, and perhaps a look round the cathedral.

Friday, 2 July 2010

Quick Turn Around

Back from Pembrokeshire, one day to unpack/wash/dry/re-pack EVERYTHING. It's off to Budapest tomorrow afternoon for the weekend, then on to Serbia on Tuesday. This is where what we'll be doing this time next week...
The day has been spent trying to think of what i've forgotten.