Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Next Stop: Novi Sad, Serbia

We have done a whistle-stop tour of Budapest, and now it's time to move on further into the depths of eastern Europe. I've absolutely loved everything about Budapest, it's a fantastic city and i'm quite sorry to be leaving so soon. My favourite bits included sailing up and down the Danube river at night, eating traditional Hungarian food and drinking champagne and seeing the city all lit up. I also loved spending yesterday evening in a thermal spa, floating in a hot outside pool during a thunderstorm and watching the forked lightning, it was peculiar! We've eaten really well, and fitted as much in as was possible in the few days we've had here, but i'd really love to come back and spend a week exploring the city more.

We now have to head off to Nyugati station to catch a train to the airport, where we'll hop on a coach and drive for 6 hours to Novi Sad. It's exciting to be going somewhere new, but the prospect of putting up a tent and finding any form of shaded area is looming overhead somewhat. I doubt i'll find any form of internet connection (..or electricity maybe?) whilst i'm in Serbia so there may have to be a mega catch up when i'm back.
Bye for now.

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