Sunday, 18 July 2010

Top 5: Budapest

The best things that happened in the beautiful city of Budapest.
St Stephen's Basilica. It was so extravagantly decorated inside, it reminded me a bit of a smaller St Peter's in Rome. I think i will always enjoy wandering round enormous cathedrals, churches and such like.
The attention to detail. Even the street lights down the small streets were beautiful. This photo reminds me of the crows in Dumbo.
The staircase leading up to our hostel, and the hostel itself. It was a large old building really near parliament, with cold echoing walls. The hostel itself had a really friendly atmosphere, and comfy beds (which were far more appreciated on the way back from camping for 7 days).
I loved the old fashioned looking trams that scooted up and down the river bank. Sadly we didn't have time to go on one, but every time one trundled past they made me smile.
The beautiful buildings and view of the city. I think Parliament (the large building on the right bank of the river) is such an impressive building, it looked like a fairytale castle from certain angles.

I would most definitely jump at the chance to go back to Budapest to see some more of it, possibly in the spring when it's a little cooler outside.

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  1. Budapest has definitely snuck into my 'Dream Holiday Destinations' after looking at these photos.