Thursday, 29 July 2010

'Everyday People'

I'm both looking forward to and feeling a tad bitter about this exhibition at the Lowry in Salford. About a year and a half ago i signed up to Tunick's website, saying i'd like to be involved in any of his instalations that were taking place near where i live. About a year ago i'd had a particularly busy weekend  and hadn't checked my email for 2 days. When i did check it i found an email from Tunick himself explaining that he'd emailed me and about 10 other people who lived in my area in the hope that one might reply. He was in Manchester for one day only and wanted to photograph a portrait of someone while he was here. If i'd just read my emails one day earlier i could have taken part, i was absolutely gutted. I am looking forward to this exhibition but can't help thinking that i could have had the chance to be in it.
Taken in Mexico City, breaking his own record, using 18,000 naked people.

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