Sunday, 4 July 2010

Good Morning Budapest!

We arrived in Budapest last night with no difficulty whatsoever and only a minor flight delay. The hostel has a really good atmosphere about it, it's bright and airy, and there are a few european travellers milling around who are all pretty friendly. By the time we'd unpacked and sorted ourselves out it was getting on pretty late, and we thought we might have a bit of trouble finding somewhere that would still be serving food. After a 15 minute stroll round, we came across a side street still very much awake. We seated ourselves outside at a restaurant called Boheme that had a string band serenading us under a fairy-lit canapy. The food was lovely, although we all felt full half way through our portions. The thing i'm finding most difficult to get my head round is the currency. A very rough exchange rate is 1GBP equals about 300HUF, so you feel like you're handing over huge amounts of money whenever you pay for something.

This morning i woke up early, when one of the other travellers staying in our dorm woke up and was getting ready. The hostel has no locks on the dorm doors, and because it's warm, it's better to sleep with the door open a bit so there's a breeze. I wandered into the common room area and read my book and had a cup of coffee while i waited for the others to surface. Today i think we're going for a bit of an explore, and perhaps a look round the cathedral.

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