Sunday, 29 August 2010

Utter! Fringe

I have spent the last few days up north doing a mini tour or Glasgow and Edinburgh. My friend Paolo and I caught the train up on Thursday and met Fran, who lives in Glasgow. We had a nice evening of large amounts of food at Ketchup in the West End, followed by a fair few drinks around and about the city. At Ketchup they served a selection of fairly mega milkshakes, presenting them in milk bottles with straws. i thought this was a pretty simple but nice idea.
On Friday we caught the train over to Edinburgh to experience a day at the Fringe Festival, something i've wanted to do for a few years now, but never got round to. With two family members having taken part in it  at some point or other, i was quite interested to see if i could find the venues where they'd stood and performed. We saw two shows, both free, one with a bumpy start and turbulence throughout, the second was fantastic. It was a Spoken Word competition called Utter! Spoken Word, and all of the 9 performers were fantastic to listen to. I was one again left feeling largely jealous of all the acts, and their confidence at performing on stage (some of you will know my general fear of being on stage). Below is Clare Whitehead (i think that''s right) mid-poem looking completely unfazed by the room full of critics.
confidence through curls?

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