Monday, 9 August 2010

9 to 5 Part 1

All this week i will be doing my best impression of Dolly Parton. I'll be at a desk, answering phones, in charge of a pc and looking busy as a way of helping out my Dad (who's receptionist has gone on holiday). Despite having to concentrate on avoiding double bookings and overseeing emails, One's mind does tend to wander. Today i have been musing over what sort of birthday celebrations i'd like. My birthday's not till October, but it's a big one so i'm allowed to plan this far ahead. Below are a few ideas for my imaginary birthday party.
Start the day with a cold sunny walk in the woods, wrapped up in hats and gloves.
Have a picnic brunch with hot cups of tea and baked potatoes and lots of salady things and cheese. Birthday cake for dessert.
birthday cake bunting, excessive or necessary?
The house will be filled with balloons and flowers, and i will take a well earned nap on a very comfy sofa...
...and wake up just in time to get ready for a huge birthday tea in the evening. Lots of fizzing drinking items in nice glasses and towers of cakes and all things tasty.

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