Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Chilli Hot Chocolate

My oldest and bestest friend Rachel brought me back some very dark chocolate from her holidays this summer. It's flavoured with chilli, and good grief if has a kick to it. You don't feel it at first but it catches you right at the back of the throat, it's fantastic. I was thinking of possible recipe ideas and i tried melting a few squares in a saucepan very gently, adding some cinnamon and soya milk and creating a chilli hot chocolate (i enjoy the play on words far more than i should...chilly/chilli...yeah). It was really lovely and i can imagine it being perfect on a cold wintery evening, maybe with a cheeky dollop of thick cream on top, just to take the edge off the chilli.
i added a few extra squares of 85% dark chocolate as i was running v low on the chilli chocolate.

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