Thursday, 12 August 2010

9 to 5 Part 4

I had a 'Part 4' all ready to post, but in my early morning bleary eyed state, i deleted it rather than posting it (the buttons are right next to each other). To be honest i wasn't that thrilled with it so i shall see this slight mishap as an oportunity. Today it did a rain, a big rain. It took two hours to do the usual 30 minute drive home after work. Roads are flooded, rivers have burst their banks, and it's generally a bit unpleasent. We had thunder, lightening, hailstones and scorching sun all in one afternoon, it was fairly biblical/ridiculous. Whilst rain and grey was all i could see out of the window, i thought i'd try and find some slightly more attractive images of it.
Embrace this disgusting, soggy weather, and have a splash about in your wellies.

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