Saturday, 19 March 2011

Swing Theory

On Thursday i had a bit of a design related meltdown. I am not proud of this. I tend to pride myself on being quite a level headed person, so Thursday came as a bit of a shock, mostly for those who witnessed me groaning loudly and slamming into various things (buses, children, small dogs...). After stomping about for a good 20 minutes with no direction in life, i was taken by a nameless companion (who probably felt more obliged than willing) to have a swing in the park. Swings seemed like a good idea.
I hadn't been on a swing in a long time, but i was distracted immediately by the fact that they're made smaller. The chains now offer a very snug fit which i decided to see as comforting, rather than adding insult to injury. I had another moan, then threw caution to the wind and swung madly. It lasted for about a minute, before i felt thoroughly nauseous and had to stop for fear of vomiting on my companion. I looked over at her feeling slightly embarrassed about my motion sickness, to realise that she had stopped also. My entire design meltdown was forgotten straight away, a new more troubling thought had taken over my brain. When did i get too old for swings??

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