Tuesday, 15 March 2011


I would love to pay another visit to R.S.V.P in Berlin to stock up on writing paper

I had the luxury of a bit of a day off this weekend. Sunday was spent plodding through ideas for my new project (more on that to follow shortly) which was done at such a leisurely pace it didn't seem taxing. I also had a 40 minute cat nap in a sunny spot, and i wrote a letter. Letter writing is one of my favourite things. I love the whole process of thinking up what to say, the beautiful stationery, trying to keep writing neatly and in straight lines, and then the couple of days of anticipation while your note gets carried across the county, or world. I think letters are becoming a bit of a lost art what with email and texts (which i do use constantly). For a while, maybe over the summer, i would love to pick out some lovely stationery with matching envelopes, and perhaps a new pen, and spend days writing letters. I love  receiving them too, do you ever try and guess who a letter's from just from the handwritten address on the envelope? I do. I wish i had more spare time to enjoy writing a good letter, they're not really something you can rush. I think that's what i quite like about them, they force you to slow down.

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  1. Mark Twain wrote: "I didn't have time to write a short letter, so I wrote a long one instead." I think I know what he means.