Thursday, 10 March 2011

I am a Bucket & Spade...

For the past two days i've spent more time in the studio than anywhere else. Ian Anderson has been running a workshop for 14 of us and it's been pretty intense. Yesterday he asked us to create a self portrait of ourselves as graphic designers, without drawing ourselves, or using our name. The brief took me completely by surprise, i hadn't expected to have to think about myself. He was trying to highlight the importance of knowing who you are as a designer, which is something i feel like i haven't had time to think about at all lately. I decided to draw my self portrait as a bright orange bucket and spade. It represented how i feel as a designer at this moment in time, shovelling choice bits of what i'm learning into a mix to try and create a stand alone structure, or piece of work, whilst highlighting the importance of trial and error. 
Really demanding two days, but very rewarding. 

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