Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Muse Of The Day

Helena Bonham-Carter in 'A Room With A View'

I watched the film at the weekend and was so taken with the grace of HB-C, i hardly took notice of the plot. I absolutely loved the costumes and found myself making mental notes on how i could bring her character's style into my own wardrobe, with a modern twist of course. As much as i would enjoy ambling down the road in a bustle, daft hat and lace gloves, i think i may get more funny looks than normal. I will be reading the book over the Easter hols, i might take it as reading material for Rome actually, after all it is set in Italy (not quite Rome but nevermind). Definitely watch the film though, look out for the scene where three men leap around by a pond, stark naked. Much mirth was had by all.

I love the detail of the clothes, the tiny waists, the tailoring and dainty parasols. I would very much like parasols to make a come back this Spring/Summer actually.

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