Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Grazing Days

Heard about this website from my Dad. It's called Graze and it lets you pick a little selection of natural foods like nuts, dried fruit, seeds, and olives and the box is delivered to your door. The idea is to graze through the box during the week to encourage healthier snacking. Looking at it from a design point of view, they've got it completely right. The boxes that the food comes in are intricately designed, all made from natural looking materials. The website seems to be really well put together too. It's only £2.99 including delivery, but you get your first box half price, and there's all sorts of deals on.

You can choose your box fillings or let Graze do it for you, according to your health requirements/preferences.

The all-rounder, simply everything that's good about grazing in one box.

Mostly low GI foods to keep blood sugar levels stable for energy all day long.

Packed full of food to support our natural defence systems.

Definitely worth a peak.

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