Thursday, 18 March 2010


I was in a bar on Tuesday with a friend, happily putting the world to right when a man came over and asked if he'd be interrupting a serious conversation. We said he would be a little, thinking he was just coming over to chat, but he left us to it no problem. I went to the loos and came back to find him at our table talking to my friend. I was expecting to have to rescue her from being chatted up but as i sat back down, it turned out he was doing magic tricks. We let him carry on and he turned out to be really impressive. After sufficiently confusing us with several tricks he just wandered off to another table. He didn't ask or expect any money, or anything from us at all, he just wanted to show us some magic. I quite liked that. He let me keep the card that he'd tricked me with too :]

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