Sunday, 31 July 2011


9th June 1934 - 30th July 2010
I love this picture. When we were younger, broken up from school for the summer, we would go down and spend a week with Nana and Grandpop. It was a treat because it always seemed to be sunnier down south, and the garden was perfect for playing in. It had a jungle at the bottom which Grandpop would wheel us round in a wheelbarrow, probably doing his back in a little more each year as we got bigger. Every visit we'd look forward to one evening when Grandpop would get the beast of a BBQ out, and we'd all sit out in the garden, often in our pajamas and be treated to barbecued bananas with ice cream for pudding - his speciality.

I think this photo must have been taken on arrival one summer, and i just love the look of excitement on mine and my brother's face, waiting to hear the end of Grandpop's story so we could open the little presents he would dangle in front of us.

Happy summers well spent.

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