Friday, 22 July 2011

Bangers & Crash Anyone?

 I never quite appreciated the importance of a kitchen, until ours got demolished at the beginning of this week. We've been living in this house for ten years, and the kitchen has always needed 'doing', but because it's such a huge job, it's always been benched as a job that will be done 'when the time's right'. Turns out it's never the 'right time' to invite a bunch of burly strangers into your house, navigate the placement of a large skip, and retreat to the loft where the banging and crashing doesn't quite sound like the apocalypse is nigh.
However, everyone's taking it in their stride and getting on with things quite admirably. The kitchen's reached the point where turning back is not an option (see picture), so the only thing for it is to plow on, and retreat to a safe distance.
I am quite looking forward to when it's finished and i can do a 'before & after' post.

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