Sunday, 3 July 2011

Back & Forth...and back again

This week i've still been imposing myself on the BBC. I'm getting to know the ropes now, and what everyones roles are. Now that filming has started, stress levels have noticeably risen and the pace of work has become more erratic. The art department are looking more sleep deprived than the previous week, as suddenly all sorts of niggling little problems have arisen. 
The Art Department
This is the office i spend most of my time in when i'm not running after someone trying not to get lost. I sit at my desk in the corner and offer assistance whenever it's needed, even heavy lifting. I see-saw from being extremely busy and helpful, to looking like a spare part, when there's physically nothing for me to do. The posters up on the wall are there as inspiration for the main characters bedroom...they don't depict the art departments musical tastes in any way...I don't think.

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