Saturday, 2 April 2011

Daffodil Days

I have possibly gone daffodil mad. This year i think there must be more than usual, i keep noticing them everywhere, and keep meaning to write about them. I picked this bunch yesterday evening at home, they smell so lovely and fresh. When i stepped outside, the air was such a lovely temperature, and the hazy light smelt all bright and full. 
I've decided that this weekend i'm going to take on the macaron challenge. I'm going to learn how to make them. I haven't challenged myself to bake something difficult or new in a long time, and i think it's long overdue. There will no doubt be photographic evidence of how i get on...unless it goes really badly. 
Watch this bit of space.


  1. French macarons?
    They're so rewarding when you get them right! :) I've made about 10 batches so far and only the last one I was fully happy with haha.

  2. Yes :] it took me three attempts this morning til i made some that sort of looked right. Have a cheeky glance at this blog ( if you scroll through her 'recipe index' you'll see there's a whole section on macarons with weird and wonderful flavours. bit addicted.