Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Neglect Part 2

It's been a while since i've felt so absent and distracted from this bit of space. I've been knuckling down to some serious work over the past seven days, and haven't felt inspired by much else really, not enough to share on here anyway. I'm working on re-designing Flux magazine, my last project of 2nd year. I really want to go all out for it which explains my absence from the blogging world. One of my tutors is the art director for the magazine, and he's offered work experience on the design of the real magazine as reward to the best few who do well in this project. As fantastic as that would be, it's not what's driving me to put so much effort in. I think what is, is the fact that after the 12th May i will be without constant projects until the end of September, and i already know i'll get bored, so i'm making the most of this one while i have it.

For your info, the articles in the issue i'm redesigning are on;

Pina Bausch
Federico Fellini
Antoni Tapies
Ann Demeulemeester
Philip Glass
So i'm currently spending most of my time researching them, writing articles and working on possible design routes and themes to tie the magazine together. Fun times.

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