Monday, 11 April 2011

Exam Weather

Luckily, the degree i have chosen to do does not end each academic year with headache inducing exams. This is brilliant news. Firstly, because i am horrible at exams. I have no talent for storing useless information, equations, quotations and so on, only to regurgitate them, then inevitably forget them. Secondly, if i had exams to revise for, i wouldn't have been able to enjoy the stunning weather we've had over the weekend. Every year without fail, for as long as i can remember, there has been a few days of glorious sunshine and warmth, that arrive just as you should be locking yourself away to bury your head in a textbook. Exam weather has become infamous.

Having said that, i can't quite throw caution to the wind and dig out the string vest just yet. The term has just ended but this Easter holiday is going to be spent mostly whipping my portfolio into shape for the end of year hand in on the 12th of May, and getting on with the last brief of the year (more on that to follow soon). I just hope there might be a few sunny afternoons that coincide with portfolio work breaks.

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