Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Super K Sonic Booooum

Odd title non? This Friday i will hopefully be attending the opening of a rather spectacular exhibition of that title. This large installation consists of a 22 meter long ‘river’ of water running through a tunnel lined with thousands of silver balloons (photomultiplier tubes). Members of the public embark on a boat, pulled through the tunnel on a submerged track using a pulley system, with sound and lighting effects, and with an expert particle physicist navigator as a guide. On the journey they learn of neutrinos, their role in the Universe and how scientists detect them. (I pulled that straight off the website for the exhibition because there's no way i could have explained that as coherently). 
Have a look at the website, because you'll get a better understanding of what it's about, i still haven't cracked it yet, but i'm excited about the white suits, boat and gold balloons. 

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