Sunday, 24 October 2010

Seasonal Smells

I was informed on Friday that this weekend was going to be the Christmas Pudding making weekend, a task highly regarded in my family. One that in recent years has fallen out of practice a bit, but it used to be upheld rigorously. I have played the important role of 'dried fruit weighing' from an early age (and have come on in leaps and bounds i might add). So yesterday father and daughter set about weighing and soaking the fruit in orange zest and cointreau. The pudding of choice this year was to be Fig, Orange and Cranberry, a lighter choice of stodge to follow a hearty Xmas dinner. The best bit about it was the way the kitchen smelt all afternoon, the rich fruit mixed with the zesty orange made it smell wonderful, and very christmassy. For the rest of the day i mused over all my favourite winter recipes and the ones i want to make this Christmas. 

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