Monday, 4 October 2010

A Little White Lie...

...Will ALWAYS come back and make life difficult for you. A while ago I submitted some work for an exhibition held at the Nexus Art Cafe. The theme was on family and i had a piece from first year that i thought fitted that theme quite well, so i sent a few pictures of it. Here's where i made my large error, i told Mrs Art Cafe that i had done two pieces (i did intend to do a 2nd one at some point, but uni and flu and birthdays and everything got in the way). I then promptly forgot all about the exhibition until last night. I checked my emails and sure enough there was a nice congratulatory email from Mrs A Cafe saying i should bring my two pieces over for installation in just under a month. 
One Month.
It seems a long time but this month i have a large project for uni to do, which is lagging somewhat currently and needs a big part of my concentration going into it. It also seems all my friends were born this month and i have many birthdays to remember and buy for, along with New York planning and maybe a few meals here and there to keep me functioning. I fear this month may fly by rather rapidly and i was very tempted to turn down the exhibition offer. Sadly i think it's too good an opportunity to be missed.
(a little sneak peak at the work)

Hello lots of sewing! Goodbye Fingers!

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