Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Grey Day

It was pointed out to me a year or so ago by a friend that i wear a lot of grey. It wasn't meant as criticism, it was just general observation. I knew i was on the right course when i sat down at my very first group crit session in my first year of graphic design and noticed that everyone round the table was wearing at least one item of grey. Grey is a thinking colour, the colour you wear while you're in between stages, the colour one wears before they commit whole heartedly to something. 

Today is a bit of a grey day.
The sort of day that doesn't get fully light outside, and just rains consistently throughout, and is grimly cold. Today is a working day, and i am wearing the necessary noncommittal colour whilst i wait for inspiration to hit. I will be getting all of last terms work ready for the hand-in on the 11th. I would really like to be working in somewhere like this...
It's so quiet and secluded and minimal i think i would get a lot more done. Bet the rain would be loud on those windows though.
Right, enough procrastination, on with work.

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