Friday, 21 January 2011

Designed to Help

This book has been on my course reading list for a while now, and i've put off reading it because of the title. It reminds me self help books by Paul McKenna such as 'I Can Make You Thin' or 'I Can Make You Happy'. The title promises too much.
Whilst caught in a brief monsoon in Leeds on my way to the train station, i ducked into Waterstones for cover and found myself in the art section (I love the art section). This book jumped out at me and i thought it was probably about time i read it, and i needed something to read on the train anyway.
I'm three chapters in now, and it's utterly brilliant. The little nuggets of advice Shaughnessy throws out every other page are fantastic little lightbulb moments. It's as if out of nowhere, this old, sage-like friend has appeared and decided that you are worthy of hearing the inner secrets of how to survive in a profession you've pretty much set yourself on. Thinking back over the chapters i've read so far, the advice seems obvious now, but when you're caught up in the middle of a project, the advice is very welcome. I'd honestly recommend this book to anyone designery, and to anyone self-employed who needs a bit of organisation brought back into their life.

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