Monday, 13 September 2010

Move In, Move On

Forwards hopefully. It's been a long long summer (i use the term loosely). I haven't been at university since May, and feel very caught up in village life. At first it was nice to move out of the busy studenty town, back to my parents' house in the countryside, but now i'm starting to feel the itch to get away. I miss rushing around, having an active week, making last minute plans because most places are open at all hours.  I miss the neon lights of the Curry Mile, and catching buses without having to wait longer than 5 minutes. I miss living with friends, who are open to impromptu dressing up games, drinking, going out yomping, or even the odd face painting. I've noticed that during the last few weeks i've spent in the countryside, i've found myself agreeing to do mundane things at silly hours in the night, just because i crave the freedom, not because i particularly feel like doing anything. I miss having the option. This week i will move back to my university flat. I can't wait. 
the park outside my flat

Here's to a good week.

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