Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Missing You?

Have you ever been on a train, or in a cafe or anywhere really, and struck up conversation with someone, even if it was only a sentence or two exchanged, and later wished you had found out their name? There's this website called Craigslist, where people post little messages in the 'missed connections' section, to those who they wish they could bump into again. Illustrator Sophie Blackall picks through theses messages and illustrates the ones she finds the most interesting, the ones with most story potential. 
In an interview she said, "I'm always wondering what's going on inside people's heads, and 'missed connections' posts give me the opportunity. I'm sure other people are drawn to them for the same reasons, but i think on some subliminal level there's a vague desire to recognise ourselves as the person missed." 

Can you imagine finding a 'missed connections' post that was meant for you?

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