Tuesday, 2 February 2010

The Food Doctor

I'm finding it hard to get going this week, i've slept badly for the past 6 or 7 nights and i think it's all finally catching up with me. I had a dentist appointment this morning so was staying at my parent's house last night. My Mum's study's usually a good place to look for inspiration, she has a couple of walls lined with bookcases that are absolutely stuffed. One of my favourite books she has is 'The Food Doctor' by Vicki Edgson and Ian Marber. I'm a great believer in turning to food to fix health problems, and this book is perfect for it. So, after looking up sleeplessness i have discovered i need to boost my serotonin levels, which means eating porridge, eggs, yoghurt and bananas.
 If you're at all interested in food i would urge you to get a copy of this book, it covers everything. I'm off to stock up on some sleep inducing food, i might even pick up some mood boosting flowers while i'm there. 

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