Thursday, 4 February 2010

Fifty Years of Graphic Work (and Play)

Today i visited The Cube Gallery to see the Alan Fletcher exhibition, 'Fifty Years of Graphic Work (and Play)'. What impressed me most wasn't a particular piece, it was the amount of work he produced over his life time. Furthermore, it was so interesting to see how well he adapted to the changing fashions of design over the decades. It was really inspiring to walk round and be completely surrounded with type and typography, especially as it's so relevant to the projects we're working on at uni at the moment. One bit of the exhibition i really liked was a collection of 26 packets, each dedicated to the  individual letters of the alphabet, and in each was a collection of cut outs and found bits of text, where he'd liked the size/font/colour/layout or whatever. I though this was a really good idea, to have something to turn to if you were ever in need of inspiration. It made me think of what i could collect. 
As i said the other day, i've had trouble getting going this week, and this has definitely helped. I'm giving myself till the end of tomorrow to 'snap out of it' and hopefully launch myself into the 2nd part of my project over the weekend. Hopefully.

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