Monday, 23 May 2011

Time For Travel

Things have been lovely and busy over the last week, parties to attend, work to do etc etc. I have felt a bit guilty about the lack of regular blogging, but to be honest, it's been a nice little break. Tonight/early tomorrow morning i will be heading to the airpot with my bags (that are yet to be packed) and flying off to Barcelona. Only it won't quite be Barcelona, it'll be Gerona airport and then a bus to Barca. Ah the joys of budget air travel. I'll be meeting a fairly Scottish lot when i get there and staying in an appartment in the city. We're going to Primavera festival, which i'm so excited about (have a look at the extensive line up).

I love Barcelona so much, it's probably my favourite European city. Last time i went was in the summer of 2009, and even though it rained a lot of the holiday, i had the best time. Because most of the music will be on at night, it means we'll have a lot of free time in the day to explore the city. I'm really hoping to go back to the great food market on La Rambla, and maybe go round some galleries too. Below are some snaps from 2009...

view from the cable cars
inside the food market
wonderful pastries

Very excited to go back and find new places! Just need to pack...

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