Thursday, 6 May 2010

Simple Pleasures

Desipte being well into May, the weather doesn't seem to be getting any nicer. The trees are looking green and there is an abundance of baby animals filling the fields near my home, however the ever present drizzle that acompanies all this somehow takes the shine of things. I have just about finished the first year of my Graphic Design course and now should be the time for celebrating and enjoying a new found freedom, but i've felt a little restrained up till now.
Yesterday we (6 from my course) decided to go on an outing to the zoo, regardless of the weather. Naturally it did drizzle all day, but it felt good to flick the metaphorical Vs skywards and carry on having fun, tramping about acting like children again. It was nice to be able to navigate our way round the fairly sizable zoo without having to think about work and deadlines for a change. I think it was a release we all needed after a fairly hectic previous week of running round swearing at printers and collecting papercuts. I think that every once in a while it's worth spending a day doing something like this, just to remind yourself that despite work, weather, deadlines and stress, it is still possible to completely lose yourself in the situation and enjoy the simple things in life. The truth of it is, you'll probably go back to work with a much fresher, positive attitude.

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