Monday, 3 May 2010

The Art of the Barbecue

It has been announced that we are to gain possession of a barbecue, just in time for the summer months. After frequent pestering from my younger Brother, my Dad has decided to commandeer his parents' fairly major grilling machine. I must say I am looking forward to (weather permitting) musky evenings sat outside, wrapped up, candles lit and the smell of marinated meat, fish and vegetables wafting through the air. This time last year we were fairly lucky with the weather so spent a lot of our spare time BBQ-ing cheap things (food mostly) on a disposable unit in the park. This year I’m quite looking forward to trying out homemade marinades on thick steaks and fillets of fish. Probably my all time favourite charred dish is a barbecued banana served with a sprinkling of sugar and a generous scoop of vanilla ice cream and raspberry coulis. I have my Granddad to thank for introducing me to this wonderful concoction, and it will most likely be the christening meal when the appliance arrives. What’s your favourite thing to char to death on a BBQ?

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