Monday, 31 October 2011

Lowercase Love Affair

It's crept up on me

I'm usually fairly unbiased when it comes to characters of the alphabet, divvying up my attention equally between the provoking swells of the 's' and the 'b', the elegance of the 'f' and 'l', and the piquant punch of an 'i' or a 'j'. I have come to realise though, that i have for quite some time now, been having a sordid love affair with the lowercase 'g'.
I can't stop thinking about her...(she is a female character). For some reason the lower case 'g' looks to me like the perfect characterisation of a woman. I can't stop drawing it, trying to get the angle of her hips exactly right. A complicated mix of authority and elegance.

Oh yes, it's crept up on me, but it's now official... I'm clinically insane.

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