Tuesday, 7 June 2011

The Manchester Museum

Not knowing quite what to do with all my new found free time, i decided to pay a visit to the Manchester Museum. I've never been in despite living here for nearly four years, so i thought it was about time i had a nosey round. I was a little upset to find that i had chosen to go on the same day as all the primary schools in the UK (it felt like that). With small children running around screaming and yelling about mummified Egyptians and skeletons of whales, it was difficult to lose myself in nature's finery. I did however really quite enjoy the display cases of butterflies, moths, insects and other small crawly things. The photos aren't great but you get the idea. Definitely one to go back to on a quieter day.
Another very exciting part of the museum was the 'Living Worlds' section where they had LIVE CREATURES! It was like the reptile house at the zoo, only free :D

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