Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Home Again

I have returned home from a whirlwind tour of my new favourite city, Rome. We had perfect weather, and got to see everything we'd hoped to in that space of time, eaten far too well, and drank some rather nice vino. The best thing I learnt is that if you give the language a go and look like you're trying to make some effort, the locals enjoy this and are extra nice, and in our case, throw in a load of free stuff. I think my favourite bits of the holiday were the coffee and pastry breakfasts, and the day we did the Colosseum and ruins. I would very much like to return one day.

For the time being, i really must get on with the vast amount of work that's built up over the Easter hols, it's hanging over my head like a rather threatening looking cloud that seems disinclined to shift. Right, off i go. 

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